Metaphors of identity in dating ads and newspaper articles

So why wouldn’t you give your online dating profile the same attention? Our profiles sit there, static and untouched as last week’s newspaper. ) Embracing change, though, may be the way to maximize the web’s potential in our dating life.

“People are conditioned to look for and to want movement and change — for better or worse.

It tells of the fall from and restoration to royal favour of a Castilian noble, Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, known as , “lord”).

Because of the poem’s setting, personages, topographical detail, and realistic tone and treatment and because the poet wrote soon after the Cid’s death, this poem has been accepted as historically authentic, a conclusion extended to the Castilian generally.

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Her research interests are based in discourse analysis, both spoken and written, with a current particular interest in metaphor and the construction of identity in media texts.

It focuses on issues of textualization and processing, and particularly on the role of cotext in decoding metaphors.

Taking a pragmatic approach founded in the cooperative principle, it argues that the maxims of quality and relation play related but separable roles in the interpretation of identity metaphors; and that this process is guided and constrained by cotextual selections in the environment of the metaphorical term.

Her publications include articles on interaction and nominal group structure in written dating ads.

As with much of Europe, the Netherlands has no explicit ‘race’ discourse; however, the state, through its public policy and administrative practices, does categorise its population along ‘ethnic’ lines, using birthplace — one's own or one's (grand-) parent's — as the surrogate determining factor.