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If this is the case, write an Query that selects all columns in the table except for those which are auto-incremented.

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You should see your new data source displayed in the Results window.In this tip, we cover how to create a 32-bit DSN on 64-bit machine.For SQL authentication, specify the SQL login name and password.Such Source is probably inexistant or improperly configured.Aside from performance considerations, one may consider using more direct Data Providers (such as MS SQL Data Provider or Microsoft. OLEDB) at the level of the connection string; this avoids the extra configuration point (the ODBC config panel) on the server (but then this may require using two distinct connections strings, one for the test environment and one for the production environment...) I ran into the same problem (while trying to connect to My SQL through Excel VBA) and it took me nearly half a day to resolve.