Dating stangl birds

He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1966.Stengel was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and originally nicknamed "Dutch", a common nickname at that time for Americans of German ancestry.This is an absolute auction and there is no buyers premium.

C."), which evolved into "Casey", influenced by the wide popularity of the poem Casey at the Bat.We can also see most auction titles call this a gang car, and many people refer to this as a postwar train. Scrolling through the list, I found one auction calling this a double bluebird. It turns out the number on the bottom is a mold number. I got it with a bunch of toys made in the late 1950s. Let's try searching for the keyword phrase "1950s plastic horse." The completed auctions search doesn't bring one up, but active auctions brings up something similar. It's not an infraction that is frequently enforced, but can cause problems.So if we were going to sell this item we'd use a title like "Lionel 50 Gang Car from 1950s Postwar". The bottom is marked Stangl Pottery Birds with some initials and a small "3276D" I don't know much about birds so I cannot guess the type of bird. Using the keywords we've found our title would be "Stangl Pottery Double Bluebird 3276D" Let's try something a little harder. Let's try a simple e Bay search for 10 plastic horse. In the description we'd say we think it's from either maker so it fits under the comparison or "use with" exemptions.Baker MCM twin headboard ARTWORK We are pleased to offer you four original oil paintings by John Eddy Hutchins b. You can see his influence was Picasso with an abstract and modernist approach.Until now, these pieces have always been in the family and are being offered without reserve! 8 Tite-Top Dutch Oven Cast iron still banks Matchbox cars some still in box Group of 3 pcs of Carl Sorensen bronze verdigris vases POTTERY, GLASS & CHINA Several pcs of early blown glass Several pcs of EAPG in patterns that we don’t often see Sets of green blown glass lustres Hand-painted porcelain …..