Blind dating 2016 cast

Mondays at 10 after the Voice.’” Gero feels few creative restrictions from NBC.“Sometimes you wish you could be like, ‘Oh sh-t,’ but aside from that, as far as content goes, as long as you don’t say the bad words, NBC is so open to us doing whatever we want on the show creatively.The cast of NBC’s tattoo-filled “Blindspot” was on hand Monday night at New York’s Paley Center for Media to discuss their hit series.“Today Show” host Hoda Kotb moderated a panel with creator and exec producer Martin Gero, plus actors Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander, Rob Brown, Audrey Esparza and Ashley Johnson, who shared juicy behind-the-scenes insight.From Executive Producer Ellen De Generes, narrated by Drew Barrymore and based on the hit U. format, this new series offers a voyeuristic look at a variety of real first dates happening throughout one night at the same restaurant in Chicago.

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Well, back in the first two series, contestants got a photograph of their date. All the magic takes place at Paternoster Chop House in London near St Paul's Cathedral, where you can get a two-course dinner for a cool £20. That means Paternoster Chop House will be closed for filming between Sunday 3rd – Monday 11th April and Friday 15th – Monday 18th April. Yes, even the people in the background; you can apply to have a first date WITHOUT all the pressure of being filmed for the show.

But, nowadays, they literally go in with absolutely no details - they learn everything about their date (including their name) on the day. They will take a lot of time to ensure you are matched up with someone who has similar interests to you, as well as (if possible) someone who lives near you, too. Just like the dates, all of the conversations are genuine.

Not to worry though - neither was Johnny, so all good there. MOLLY (20) & EUGENE (27)Communications student Molly has been single for a year, which she describes as "a really long time - really really long". Teetotaller Eugene orders a water, much to Molly's surprise."I've never met a Scottish person who doesn't drink," she declares, perpetrating cultural stereotyping."I used to drink all the time, but I used to just get naked," explains Eugene in a whisper. He is the greatest person in the world."Unfortunately, Molly isn't overly familiar with Hardy's body of work. Interestingly, it's his age that seems to concern her more. ELAINE (58) & ANDREW (59)Elaine hasn't been on a date in 15 years. This would have been well before Tinder however - internet dating the old-fashioned way if you will."I went on 105 coffees, lunches, teas and dinners," she confides.

She goes for bad boys but wants to break this habit - could "colourful Scotsman" Eugene be the man for her? "I have to tell you that there wasn't a match - so I just gave up." That makes sense - why be a glutton for punishment right?